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CareBridge Aging, located in a serene and welcoming environment, is dedicated to providing exceptional care for seniors.  Discover our offerings, pricing, and availability to embark on a fulfilling and enriching journey for your loved ones.

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7012 W Bayfront Pkwy Erie, PA 16507


Our residence is thoughtfully situated amidst picturesque surroundings, allowing residents to appreciate the beauty of nature every day. From tranquil walks to enjoying the company of birds, our residents experience the serenity and joy that nature brings. What truly sets us apart is our compassionate team, whose commitment to nurturing and supporting seniors makes CareBridge Aging truly remarkable.

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Memory Care

Respite Care


Immerse yourself in a picturesque lakeside ambiance, where an abundance of amenities awaits your enjoyment.

At Lake Erie CareBridge Aging Isle Bay, we honor the timeless elegance of grand hotels from bygone eras, while ensuring our residents enjoy contemporary amenities and personalized care.


Restaurant-quality dining is available at CareBrigde Aging

Enjoy the freedom of individualized dining choices that allow you to savor your favorite dishes while staying in line with the guidelines of a doctor-recommended diet.

"CareBridge Aging goes above and beyond to meet the unique needs of its residents. If you're looking for a place where your loved ones will be treated with dignity, respect, and compassion, I highly recommend CareBridge Aging assisted living."
Rechael Henily
Daughter of Resident

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Trusted non-emergency medical transportation service, to provide our residents with reliable transportation solutions.

At CareBridge Aging, we are proud to partner with, a trusted provider of long distance medical transportation services for our valued residents. CienOne shares our commitment to ensuring the well-being and comfort of seniors during their journeys. With their extensive expertise and dedication to exceptional customer service, CienOne seamlessly assists our residents in reaching their desired destinations safely and efficiently.

CienOne understands the unique needs of elderly individuals and strives to make each trip a positive and stress-free experience. Their highly trained and compassionate team of drivers ensures that residents are treated with utmost care and respect throughout their journey. From door-to-door assistance to comfortable seating arrangements, CienOne prioritizes the comfort and well-being of our residents, making their long-distance travels hassle-free.

At CareBridge Aging, we value the importance of providing comprehensive care and support to our residents. Our partnership with CienOne enhances our ability to meet the transportation needs of our residents, whether it’s for medical appointments, facility transfers or any other long-distance travel requirements. Together, we strive to exceed expectations and make a positive impact on the lives of our residents by offering convenient and reliable transportation solutions.

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