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Subject: Important Information for LECBA Charter Boat Captains re: Toledo Water Shut Down & Algae Blooms
Kelly & Don:  Please send the following information out to all LECBA & WSCBA members.
We are all receiving phone calls about the safety of the water and whether the fish are safe to eat.  The following is information is for you to pass on to your customers who inquire about the situation.
-- Lake Erie Charter Boat Association has been on the toxic algae issue from the beginning.  For the last 3 years a group of Lake Erie Charter Boat Captains from the Maumee Bay to Kelly’s Island have been gathering water samples on a weekly basis, in conjunction with The Ohio State University and the OEPA.  Last year we enlarged our scope to include taking walleye tissue samples where we collect the water.  This testing was started in the height of last year’s bloom and was reinstituted three weeks ago and the Ohio State University is responsible for analyzing the tissue.  There have been no reports of microcystin in the tissue of these fish.
On behalf of LECBA I would like to personally invite all captains to Ohio Sea Grants Charter Boat Captains Seminar on Monday, August 25th at Gibralter Island.  This seminar will be especially informative due to the current circumstances  It will allow you to better communicate with your customers in an effective and knowledgeable manner.  This issue is not just a Toledo issue – This is a Lake Erie issue.  When your customers see this on the national news, they don’t associate this with one area of Lake Erie, they see it as a lake-wide issue from Maumee Bay to Cleveland.  For information regarding registration contact Don Lowther, aka Buffalo at 419-260-6637.  There is no fee associated with this seminar.
Thank you,
Captain Paul Pacholski
Lake Erie Charter Boat Association



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